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The late Graham Hunt, a previous Shrewton CC chairman at some point was in correspondence with a Roy Young. Mr YOUNG sent Graham a letter and photo showing that there was a cricket team in Shrewton in 1928. Please see the team photo.


Mr Young names the team which contained Archie BARRELL who was married to Mr Young's sister and resided at 1 Nett Road, Shrewton. Archie also played football for the village.


Also in the team where the Windsor brothers who also played football for Shrewton, only Bill Windsor is in the photo.

Also brothers, Bert and Ted Brown are in the photo. Fred SMITH resided on Chalk Hill in Shrewton. Norman Welch is of the Welch family who ran the village post office for a time, being Cyril Welch who was in post when the post office moved from the white lodge to the old post office house which itself is now a private residence.

To the right is a result from the Summer of 1928 with Shrewton playing Heytesbury suffering a very narrow defeat. It can be seen ho good the bowling was back in the day with no less that 4 ducks inflicted on Heytesbury by the Shrewton Bowlers and Heytesbury replying in kind with 4 ducks for Shrewton.


There must have been tankards aplenty after the game as both teams had bowlers with 5 fors. Shrewton's Gearing topping with 5 for 9 slightly ahead of Heytesbury's Brown whos 5 for 15 isn't to be sniffed at either.


Early Days of Shrewton Cricket Club


The beginnings of what became Shrewton Cricket Club can be traced to a match played at the Bustard, which took place in August 1826, between 11 gentlemen from the Collingbournes and 11 gentlemen from Chitterne, Shrewton, Maddington, and Orcheston plus Mr. C Brasher from Blandford in Dorset. The following month a team known as 'Shrewton' defeated a team from Amesbury at Stonehenge by 11 runs.


This was encouragement enough for the Shrewton Cricket Club to get underway with an internal match, the teams being drawn through the tradition of 'Married' versus the 'Single Men', which was played  at Maddington 11th June 1827. Dinner was served at the ground, supplied by Mr Smallbones of the Catherine Wheel at Shrewton.


Within weeks Shrewton played Amesbury at Shrewton, with a return match, as was customary among clubs at that time, taking place in July 1827, with dinner afterwards hosted by Mr. Munday of the King's Arms, Amesbury. Were the honours even after two matches a third would often be played, which helped build the notion of a competitive season, to the point that very quickly Shrewton Cricket Club acquired an annual fixture list and became an important and somewhat prominent part of the identity of village life.


The opening game of the 1827 season saw the club parade through the village, accompanied by a brass band, and 200 spectators watched the game. Mr Smallbones again supplied dinner, the band played military airs and there was much singing. With both sport and communal singing widely encouraged by social reformers, Shrewton Cricket Club blossomed as one of the mainstays of regional society and within a few years home matches regularly took place in the grounds of Shrewton Lodge.

Not much is known about the fate of the village team after this date until modern times. Mr YOUNG does mention that some members of this photo were still in the South Wiltshire Area during the second World War.

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