A secretary's report in 1990 states that the square was laid on the recreation ground 21 years earlier. This would make it 1969 when the square was laid as we know it today. However Shrewton haven't always played in Shrewton. In the early days the team played home games at Knighton Down, Larkhill. George Clift remembers being part of those games and that the members provided their own food but the Army used to provide a tea urn which was sent up the to pitch for the games.


The earliest score books that have survived are from the 1970 Season While there does seem to be pages missing the first recorded game of 1970 was on the 17th of May where Shrewton faced Salisbury Press at Larkhill. The result wasn't good with Shrewton all out for 28 with 7 of those extras and a whopping 5 ducks recorded. This included the young George Clift batting at 3 and staying at the crease a whole 2 minutes.


The second match in the book was away to Steeple Langford and Shrewton fielded first. Langford were skittled out for a low 65. Unfortunately Shrewton were only able to make 62 all out in reply. Thankfully the results have mainly been a lot better these days.


Also preserved are the AGM minutes from the 1973, 1975 and 1976 AGM. They do make interesting reading and it is quite amusing that the issues facing the 1970s cricket club were not all that dissimilar from the current edition of the club.


The Officers of Shrewton CC in 1973 were as follows;

President Mr G Young, Chairman Mr W Watkins, Secretary Mr G Hunt.


During that year there was a tie for the “duck cup”. The resolution to the stalemate was a toss up being won by Mr A Bolter. The other quirk that I found that the club groundsman would be offered a choice of 2 tickets for the club dinner or a 12lb turkey for Christmas for his services. Also in 1973 it was agreed that all games at the Rec would consist of 40 overs.


The Officers of Shrewton CC in 1975 were as follows;

President Mr G Young, Chairman Mr W Watkins, Secretary Mr G Hunt, Treasurer Mr B Cooper, Assistant Secretary Mr K Milburn and Assistant Treasurer Mr K Beale.


During that year the topic of trophies and the formula for working out who had won them was a hot topic, who would of though that. In addition it was decided to have separate awards for league and friendly averages with the bowling trophy being set as a minimum of 40 overs and 20 wickets.


It is recorded that this is the year that a formal request to lay the square at the Rec was made to to the Rec committee which opposes the note recorded in 1990.  It was also recorded that membership of Shrewton

Cricket Club was  £1 and match fees were 40 pence. (Please note Mrs Treasurer)


The Officers of Shrewton CC in 1976 were as follows;

President Mr G Young, Chairman Mr W Watkins, Secretary Mr G Hunt, Treasurer Mr B Cooper, Assistant Secretary Mr R Johnson and Assistant Treasurer Mr K Milburn. The minutes of this years AGM were light in detail.


Close to the Club Secretary's heart was a match played at Wilton between Shrewton CC and Salisbury Police on what was recorded to be a warm afternoon on the  29th of June 1977.  In the leger of the game shows that S Police has been crossed out and Pigs written in place. The result of the game was very convincing with the Police team skittled out for 34. Shrewton made the required total for the loss of 3 wickets and Graham Hunt retired hurt.

Thanks go to Alan Capps for the below pictures the location and opponents can't be confirmed (please contact the club secretary if you can help). you might recognise Ken Lovelock and Kevin Hazzard amongst others.

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