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Fantasy Cricket - Mid-season update

With this coming Saturday marking the cricketing solstice, the transfer window crashes open this week. All players have the opportunity to shuffle their teams as much as they wish, although some teams are more in need of the changes than others!

Following two more weeks of fixtures to round off the first half of the season, the top of the league table has remained fairly consistent, Shaun Little proving the key player with the top 5 sides all including him. How long his injury keeps him out will prove a vital question for those looking to include him in their transfer wish-list at this stage of the season. Rich Barnett has just popped himself ahead of Matt Jackson at the very top, thanks in large part to his own knock last weekend. Jamie Mitchell, unburdened by the first team captaincy, has moved into the top 10 with 11 players in total breaking the 700 point barrier.

The middle of the table is far more compact than the top, the next 9 teams separated by under 130 points. Several of these teams also benefited from Barnett's runs at the weekend, while a few will be hoping for better availability from some key all-rounders as the season wears on.

The bottom of the table is also tightly packed, but it is Adam Battison who is the bookies favourite to be relegated, sitting rooted to the bottom at the halfway stage. However, with the transfer window allowing for a whole new team of players, it really is possible for anything to happen over the remaining nine weeks.

The MVP race was blown slightly more open this week with news of the Little injury, but it is still looking very much a two horse race at this stage of the season between Little and Wood. Calls for Wood to be reclassified as an all-rounder have fallen on deaf ears, but his bowling efforts have helped him to nearly triple the score of the next closest batsman. Pete White's consistent efforts with the ball have seen him collect more points than any other bowler, but Matt Jackson and Kenny Mundy have also put together a decent start to the season.

Players will remain classified at their pre-season value and position (it is too much work to update everything mid season!) but with one or two extra names added to the mix, it will be interesting to see how the transfer window plays out and who makes the cut in the most teams. As a reminder, payment is essential before transfers can be confirmed - details can be found in the Whatsapp group - and the window will remain open until noon on Saturday.

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