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Fantasy Cricket - The Contenders...

Slightly later than planned, Fantasy Cricket joins the Hampshire League in returning to Shrewton Cricket Club. 27 six man teams have been selected as players and supporters vie to be crowned the best selector in Shrewton.

Here we take a look at a few of the teams chosen, the favourites, the dark horses and the no-hopers...

The Captain's Picks

A varied selection amongst the Saturday Selection panel but all three skippers plump for Rich Barnett in one of the 'keepers slots. Mitchell clearly hopes for solid early season availability from Sam Gillott, while Newbury is banking on himself to go big selecting himself as captain. Meanwhile Ant uses his inner knowledge of the 3rd team, choosing Aiden Barnett and Andy Gray as his bowling options.

Confidence Abound

Alongside the second team skipper, 5 other players select themselves as captain. All will be hoping for some good form early season or face the prospect of double disappointment throughout May and June.

Backing the Big Gun

Despite his price tag, Chris Brewer is the player selected by most managers as well as being the most popular pick as captain. Lots of people will be hoping for plenty of runs from the first team opener including both senior and junior Gurd.

Betting on Availability

Another of the most expensive players in the game, Neilon Joseph has been selected by 5 managers despite his somewhat inconsistent availability. All will be expecting big things in the games Nelly makes an appearance in.

Backing Themselves

More than half the league have had faith in their own ability, former chairman Sean McClure, all-rounder Shaun Little and wicket-keeper Rich Barnett among them.

Misplaced Faith?

Darren Bentley, one of the most expensive players available, appears in only two sides, but curiously has been made the skipper of both. Too much faith, or a well thought out gamble? Time will tell for Pete White and Tom Pottage.


Finally, a couple of sides who have plumped for something a bit different. Both have selected an all-rounder as skipper, have gone with uncommon selections in their bowling line-up while choosing the same pair of batsmen.

A long season awaits. Come the end of May, how many people will be longing for the 27th June transfer window to roll around that bit quicker.

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